Choose from our Quinoa Based Products, known for zero contamination, high nutritional value, safe packaging, freshness, etc.

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Choose from our Quinoa Based Products, known for zero contamination, high nutritional value, safe packaging, freshness, etc.
Quinoa- The Healthiest Food

Quinoa is a nutritional product which can be consumed by people of age group 2 years and above. Orillet Foods International was founded in the year 2015 with an aim to provide high quality Quinoa based food products. As an ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, NPOP and NOP Certified with TQ CERT. Manufacturer and Supplier, we offer a wide array of Quinoa, Organic Quinoa Powder, Organic Quinoa Flakes, and Quinoa Based Ready to Eat Products. Since we have agricultural facilities and also the processing facility, we can produce and process the best products to our clients. Currently, we are supplying 100% saponin free products to all our clients. 

Our products are highly demanded in the marketplace for their high nutritional value, zero contamination, freshness, safe packaging, etc. Dedicated quality supervisors at every state of production and distribution of our food products have enabled us to deliver products which are at the pinnacle of their quality. We have a highly advanced manufacturing unit in which the raw ingredients are processed in a germ-free and dust-free manner. Moreover, we have a pool of talent professionals who invest their experience and knowledge of quinoa cultivation in delivering best quality products to our clients.

Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is a highly nutritious crop which has been consumed mainly in South America for thousands of years. Although, its popularity has reached a superfood status recently, making its health benefits reach maximum people. It contains the plant compounds kaempferol and quercetin, which helps in completing the nutrition in addition to vitamin and minerals. Also, quinoa has a high level of fiber content which is way higher than most of the grains. The gluten free composition makes it best for the people who are intolerant to gluten. Furthermore, it has a low index of glycemic, which is best for control of blood sugar.

Our Product Array

We have a huge assortment of quinoa based products, which are cultivated and processed by quality controlled methods to assure their top quality and high nutritional value. Our matchless quality products are as follows:

  • Quinoa
  • Organic Quinoa Powder
  • Organic Quinoa Flakes
  • Quinoa Based Ready to Eat Products

Why Choose Us?

Our aim to deliver the super health benefits of quinoa to maximum number of people is our main source of inspiration.  We always strive to deliver products which are free from contamination and have superior quality. Some other factors that distinguish us from our competitors are:

  • A trouble-free system of distribution for supplying our products to different parts of India.
  • Total focus on the satisfaction level of clients and achieving the same by delivering best quality products.
  • Cutting-edge production facility which is capable of bulk production in a time efficient manner.
  • Our in-depth knowledge about the quinoa cultivation and processing.
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